About Us

Mission Statement

The core business of our company is the correct identification of our customer’s needs, the projection of their wishes, the production of their demands and the delivery of valuable results.

The history, the evolution as well as the development of our business are the substantiation of a high management policy inspired by Vision, Realism and Guarantee.

The vision, as a projection of our forward-thinking, is oriented towards performance goals that our highly passionate and determined team can make accessible.

The realism is the result of 23 years of experience and of a correct analysis of the Romanian and international markets. Our main goal is to establish win-win partnerships.

The guarantee – the permanent focus to increase the quality of the products is the natural result of our continuous investments in human capital, technological upgrade and responsibility towards the implementation of quality standards.

Our management policy is based on:

Values: integrity, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, commitment, innovation, passion, focus.

Principles: high ethical standards, compliance to the law, organized processes, optimized time management, strategic approach, sustain the education and people’s development .

Goals: deliver value to all our customers, continuously improve our products and their efficiency, raise higher the quality barriers, insist on the quality of thinking, of the behavior and on the quality of the relationship with our customer.

We are a reliable partner always willing to finalize all partnerships with professionalism and responsibility.